Black Moses: Rise of Marcus Garvey

UrbanToons Inc.

$ 19.99 $ 25.99

Urbantoons Black Moses: Rise of Marcus Garvey is a story about the rise of a young Jamaican boy named Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jr., who grew up humbly on the beautiful island of Jamaica. After growing up, he realized that Black people all over the world were underpaid, overworked and treated badly.

Garvey decided he wanted to change that, and he gave Black people in America a sense of pride in knowledge of self and Black  business ownership. Marcus Garvey lived to be the greatest Black entrepreneur and organizer in American history.

Loosely based on his true story, this is a great book for confidence building, Black pride, entrepreneurship encouragement, and providing inspiration for reaching your goals. Black Moses: Rise of Marcus Garvey is a 50-page beautifully illustrated book. It will ignite your child's imagination and create the ultimate reading experience.

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