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Kiel Ebon Ibrahim

After successfully launching children’s books targeting diverse readership, UrbanToons is preparing to launch application games. Urbantoons began in 2015, under the leadership of Kyle T Stokes to meet the demand for multicultural Children books across America and the world. Kyle plans to take this platform to a different level. The games will take the vision of UrbanToons a step further, namely, to help children from different backgrounds connect with characters in fairy tales and commonly known stories told through the medium of books.

Since its inception in 2015, UrbanToons has managed to rapidly gain ground in the market targeting children from diverse backgrounds. Taking traditional, well known and much-loved fairy tales, and setting them in a locale that children from different backgrounds would be familiar with, Urbantoons managed to carve a niche for itself. The books are available through many online retailers, ensuring widespread and easy accessibility.

Urbantoons is also associated with the ToonTab. This is the first African American owned tablet. It also marks the company’s foray into the digital space. The soon to be launched apps promise to take things further, generating more interest in the brand’s content and enabling access through digital media.

Major titles published by the company include Peter Pan, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, and Pinocchio, with more to come. In addition to entertaining readers, the books are also aimed at inculcating moral values in children and helping them build self-esteem. For parents and educators looking to guide children in the right direction, these African American books are aimed to demonstrate different views outside their immediate world in order to broaden their perspectives.

The initiatives launched by UrbanToons will help children from diverse backgrounds connect with their heritage. They will also help parents and teachers generate more awareness in children about their identity, regardless of their ethnicity. As the world becomes more globalized and starts to appreciate the strengths of multiculturism, UrbanToons books are expected to help generate more understanding among children about their heritage, tradition, culture, and diversity in our global community. The associated products such as game apps, are expected to help build knowledge through interactivity.

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