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Urbantoons  was created in 2015 by Kyle Terrell Stokes in response to the demand for multicultural Children books. UrbanToons carved out a niche in the Children's book industry by using well-known and much-loved fairy tales, mythical stories of empowerment, historical  and real life situations that appeal to multicultural audiences.

The books not only entertain readers but the diverse images are designed to  install moral values in children and help them build self-esteem. For parents and educators looking to guide children in the right direction, these African American books are also aimed to help children enjoy  reading different views outside their immediate world in order to broaden their perspectives.


Kyle Terrell Stokes is the founder of Urbantoons  a multicultural Children's imprint.  He has personally written and illustrated over 13 Children's books.  The books all reflect his belief that Children need to see positive images of themselves in literature.  

An advent reader and lover of books, Kyle created Urbantoons in 2015 in response to the demand internationally for the need to have empowering, enlightening and enriching well told stories for Children of color.  His forte are picture books enhanced with his vivid illustrations. The books are not only popular in the United States but the imprint has a footprint in Africa.

One of the most popular titles is I Love My Natural Crown  a book of nursery rhymes   that teaches self-love, confidence and embracing the beauty of natural hair. Some of his other titles include;  Mansa Musa, Vitiligo Beauty, Isabella, Cinderella A Princess Of the Moors, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Panther Pride, I Will be Great, Little Red Riding Hood and the Massai Warriors all with a Black twist.  Kyle has also illustrated and published 29 books for a number of bestselling authors.

He is also the creator of Royal Beauty Dolls, a radio producer, and Executive Director of Urbantoons Educational Enrichment Program a Nonprofit 501(c)3 nonprofit.



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