The Color of Greatness (Coloring Book)

UrbanToons Inc.

$ 9.99 $ 13.99

"Explore the rich and inspiring history of African Americans with this engaging coloring book for children! From the courageous abolitionists and civil rights leaders who fought for freedom and equality to the brilliant artists, writers, and musicians who have enriched our culture, this book celebrates the contributions of black Americans throughout history.

Each page features a different figure or event, along with a brief description that introduces children to important historical moments and figures. As they color in the pages, children will learn about important figures like Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr., Maya Angelou, and many others, inspiring them to learn more about the amazing people who have helped shape our world.

Perfect for home or classroom use, this coloring book is a fun and educational way to introduce children to black history and inspire them to dream big and make a difference."

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