Lyrical Math: Hip Hop Educational Music (New Arrival)

lyrical math

$ 19.99 $ 24.99

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Instant access Powerful recall tool that will help any student remember how to solve basic math problems Real hip-hop Strategically designed to increase students' mastery level for basic math concepts. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 530 MB of free space Media Player Software Installed (iTunes recommended) OVERVIEW The hard-hitting sophomore album to the Lyrical Math series is straight up 🔥🔥🔥. A nice compliment to hip-hop culture. Lyrical Math Pt. 2 is a powerful recall tool that will help students remember how to solve basic math skill problems and an excellent resource to have during family car rides. MATH CONCEPTS COVERED Dividing Decimals Adding Decimals Adding Fractions Subtracting Fractions Coordinate Plane Volume Formulas Circumference Area of a Circle Metric System Types of Angles Learning Math will never be the same. We guarantee it!

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